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tv databases

Learning from Las Vegas

This work uses as its raw material footage from 21 different films in which the city of Las Vegas is used as a setting. Each individual shot is organised according to descriptive categories and taken as a lesson learnt from or about the city of Las Vegas and its inhabitants.

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Every Shot, Every Episode


The source material for this work is a collection of 10,000 shots from Starsky & Hutch. Each episode is broken down into a series of individual shots. The artists have assigned key words to each shot: every plaid, every sexy outfit, every yellow Volkswagen, etc. There are 278 categories in total.

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How I Learned


This project asks, if everything you knew came from the TV show Kung Fu, what would you know? The original programme is broken down shot by shot and entered into a database. Each clip is categorized by the artists according to lessons that it might teach a viewer. The lessons fall into four categories, ‘How I Learned About Religion’, ‘’How I Learned About Filmmaking’, ‘How I Learned About Society’, and ‘How I Learned About Capitalism.’

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I Number the Stars


The first season of the original 1960s “Star Trek” series is broken down into a series of shots. Each shot is categorised by the artists according to a variety of keywords such as ‘events’, ‘objects’ and ‘emotions’. The clips associated with each keyword are assembled on a video CD. Each CD is labelled with a sentence beginning with the word ‘I’ that describes an action or a state of being, such as ‘I am sick’. The CDs are installed on a browsable shelf in the gallery, next to the suitcase, in which CDs can be played one at a time.

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