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(2016, single channel video)

Shot on the seventy-seventh floor apartment of one of New York City’s many Trump Towers, BROKER is a meticulous portrayal of a high end real estate broker, seen here as the physical embodiment of the constantly accelerating pitch of luxury merchandising. The film uses the architecture of the apartment to create an echo chamber of life style messages - messages which present an increasingly homogeneous (yet bespoke) utopian world for those with the means to buy it.

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(2019, video)

A film work of cinematic scale, Cleaner traces the creative awakening of a maintenance worker. Her movements are framed within the routines of manual labor yet set against the work environment of the tech economy.

Postmasters Gallery, New York, December 7, 2019

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(2011, video, 49:00)

In this 49 minute video, Mussafah, the camera takes a journey through the manufacturing zone of Abu Dhabi. Far from the glittering skyscrapers and beaches, Mussafah is the place in Abu Dhabi to fix motors, to bend aluminum, to produce tangible material goods. It is the "back of the shop", literally the place where the advertising signs are printed. Using a slow tracking shot, the McCoy's video allows the eye to take in the details of this environment with all its complexity.

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discovery of freedom.jpg

The Discovery of Freedom

This wall mounted box contains two video monitors mounted on photographs and a book, The Discovery of Freedom.

Sculpture with two channels of video, found book, electronics, sound. 24" x 30" x 4"

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